Safeguarding at SSG

At SSG we take our responsibilities for safeguarding our staff, participants and visitors extremely seriously. Along with the below statement outlining our commitment to safeguarding we also have comprehensive policies and procedures in place and we regularly review our safeguarding practices. We are also delighted to have fantastic amounts of support from our local authority partners inclusive of advice and guidance as well as ongoing best practice CPD.

All of our staff are safeguarding trained and hold relevant Safeguarding and Prevent qualifications as well as live DBS clearances.

SSG Safeguarding Statement:

SSG Will:

  • Take a preventive approach to protecting young people and adults at risk from potential harm, damage, radicalisation or being drawn into terrorism (violent and non-violent extremism)
  • Take all appropriate actions to address concerns about the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults.
  • Work to agreed local policies and procedures in full partnership with other local agencies.
  • Plan, implement, monitor and review policies and procedures to ensure that the maximum is done to provide a safe environment for young people and adults at risk in within our provision.
  • Take all reasonable measures to ensure that risks of harm to young people and adults at risk welfare is minimised by appropriate:
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Health & Safety Procedures
  • Staff selection, recruitment, induction, supervision and training
  • Creation and promotion of an open work culture “whistleblowing”
  • Reacting to and reporting abuse


We also understand that Safeguarding is more than just a statement or set of policies, it is about bringing the policies and statements to life through excellent choice of personnel, ongoing training and a real desire to care for the safety, welfare and experiences of all of our staff, participants and visitors.

To view our safeguarding policy in full click here LINK TO SAFEGUARDING POLICY

If you are concerned that there is an immediate risk of serious harm to a child or vulnerable adult, please contact the emergency services without delay on 999 or 101.