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Employability Courses:


At SSG we have a pathway of provision designed to support individuals at all points in their journey towards finding and sustaining employment. Our courses are all specifically designed to incorporate active learning sessions and engage with local and national employers to make the end goal of meaningful employment a realistic and achievable objective.

Our adult employability courses are free to access for anyone over the age of 19 and accesses funding support from the adult education budget and as such provide a fantastic platform to support a job search and demonstrate your skill set to prospective employers.

By working in close partnership with local authority and Job Centre Plus all of our provision can be accessed alongside short or longstanding benefit claims and be utilised as part of your job search criteria. Our IAG team can support you in managing this with your relevant benefit partner or work coach.

Candidates can join the pathway at the stage that is most relevant to their current position and linked to their short term goals. Our friendly team will support you in identifying the most relevant entry point through an informal initial assessment that can be conducted in person or over the phone.


Our Employability Course pathway:


Live Smart

Live Smart provides a platform for individuals to build on and position themselves in a mentally positive frame of mind to succeed in a Job Search. Time is taken with each individual to build an individualized plan to develop patterns and control around a range of personalized subjects.

We recognise that there are many barriers in modern day life that can prevent us from achieving the goals which we set ourselves and none more so than achieving our desired employment or career status.

Within Live Smart we work to address some of these barriers with you and support in identifying personalized strategies to ensure that you are the very best version of yourself and feeling ready to engage in a meaningful and successful job search.


Fast Track 2 Employment

Our Fast Track 2 Employment provision focuses candidates around the skill sets required by modern day employers to gain but also sustain employment.

Candidates are taken through a programme combining practical active learning team and personal development sessions as well as reflective sessions to support embedding the learning and strategies that are covered. Topics will include critical thinking, leadership in the work place, conflict management, communication and team working.

The programme will also incorporate a range of industry speakers providing an insight into exactly what employers are seeking from their employees and sharing some of their own experiences relating their career progression – both the good and the bad!

The Fast Track course is a wonderfully interactive and engaging programme. You will be sure to make fantastic links, develop confidence of your own abilities ready for the workplace, be able to expand upon your CV and skill set and ensure that you are an attractive proposition for any employer. To further support this completion of the course will also result in a formal  Vocational Studies qualification to add to your CV.


Jigsaw – Piecing together the CV, Application & Interview

Our fantastic Jigsaw provision is the culmination of our employability Pathway and supports our candidates through the jigsaw that can be presenting the best possible version of themselves at CV, application and interview stages.

The course will provide support in developing a fit for purpose (and attractive to employers) CV that captures both the standardized information required for best practice as well as the more personalized and humanistic detail that can support your CV to stand out in the crowd and give an employer real insight into the specifics of the PERSON that they are employing.

Consideration is also given to the application and interview steps with top tips, mock environments and the key techniques to apply all given attention to support you in generating the best possible chances of you being successful at the final stage of your job search.


Sector Based Academies


We are also delighted to be able to work closely with a range of employers to provide a direct route into live job opportunities. Our sector based academies provide specific training and qualifications that are required by the employers to ensure you are a job ready candidate ahead of interview.

Academies incorporate employer visits to develop understanding of their working environments, gaining links and relationships with decision makers within the businesses and to support them in making an informed decision around entering in to the industry.

All participants that complete a sector based academy to a satisfactory level will be ensured an interview with the link employers. We will often set up an academy ahead of a major recruitment drive and intake.


Hospitality Academy


Our Hospitality Academy provides a unique experience to understand and train within the Hospitality industry. The academy gives insight into the different types of role and position within this diverse sector.

As part of the academy all candidates will qualify in a range of sector specific qualifications designed to ensure your CV is as relevant as possible to the opportunities available as well as providing a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding. Qualifications include:

  • First Aid at Work
  • Level 2 Certificate in Hospitality & Catering
  • Food Hygiene Award

Candidates will not only gain these accreditations but will also learn how to apply the knowledge into specific roles and positions to provide the best possible chances of gaining sustainable and progressive employment.

With roles varying from Management to Bar Staff and from Cleaning Positions to Clerical support the industry is varied and diverse meaning candidates can map your own progress and pathway to identify roles that best fit with your skill set.


Sport & Leisure Academy

Coming soon in 2019

We deliver [some] courses on behalf of the Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service (BESS), part of Central Bedfordshire Council, who provide us with funding.  Courses are targeted to support residents in gaining skills relevant to the needs of employers in Bedfordshire or to meet health and well-being needs. Courses are free of charge, subject to eligibility criteria. For more information about the full range of courses and support provided by BESS visit http://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/jobs/adultlearning.