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    School Hours Learning
    SSG has over 10 years’ experience in supporting schools of all sizes in the delivery of Sport & Activity meaning we are able to provide a well-rounded and proven learning package

School Hours Learning

With teachers time at an absolute premium more and more schools are seeking to develop relationships with organisations to support the specialist delivery of specific subjects such as PE to allow teachers the opportunity to gain time for planning preparation and assessment.

SSG has over 10 years’ experience in supporting schools of all sizes in the delivery of Sport & Activity meaning we are able to provide a well-rounded and proven package that provides schools with the assurances required around the quality of delivery, planning and assessment and communication with class teachers that is required to make such a relationship a success. The most important factor being that the children receive a high quality and supported experience that enables them to achieve the very most from their PE as possible.

SSG have therefore worked in partnership with local authority advisors to develop all areas of our provision to ensure it is completely fit for purpose:

Planning Preparation and Assessment

All of our instructors are trained intensively and update regularly not only of the importance having these documents but more importantly in how these documents become working practices to support the child and provide a basis for ongoing communication with school staff. We have developed a fully approved series of long term planning, medium term schemes of work and short term lesson plans that are used as a basis for planning and from which schools can select their preferred curriculum for the year.

Our instructors will have these documents with them during all school contact periods and our non-contact schools coordinator will also ensure that these are replicated and copied into a school based curriculum folder that teaching staff can access at any point for updates on children’s progress and forthcoming provision details

SSG have also developed an assessment register format that works in parallel with the national curriculum and the specific unit outcomes from term to term, this document provides an at a glance update for SSG and school staff as to each learners progress towards learning outcomes.

Each and every lesson is fully evaluated to ascertain achievement, engagement and behaviour of groups and these evaluations are used to adapt future planning and for feedback to school staff.

Delivery Staff

We are extremely proud of our delivery staff and particularly that all of our curriculum delivery team are full time employees at SSG meaning we are able to ensure that all staff adhere to the full spectrum of CPD that we require to sign them off for school hours learning delivery. We focus training on behaviour management, planning evaluation and assessment, appropriate use of equipment and space, relating delivery to outcomes and providing specific activity for the appropriate age group. We are delighted to be able to work in partnership with high quality external local authority advisors to deliver elements of this training ensuring we are always striving to develop.

Support Staff

We are delighted to be able to continue our drive towards establishing long term and enriching relationships with schools by providing two non-contact roles for schools in addition the delivery teams:

Schools Account Coordinator – each school will have a designated office based account coordinator to ensure that there is always someone available on the other end of the phone to support. They will ensure relevant feedback is sought, dates and timings are accurate and that if you have any question or query in relation to the provision we are able to provide you with a speedy and accurate response.

Schools Delivery Coordinator – each school will also have access to our schools delivery coordinator. This role provides on the ground support for our team of instructors providing session observations, ongoing programme support and IAG, and opportunities for team teaching and development. The delivery coordinator will also be on hand to step in should SSG staff ever be sick meaning you always have a high quality replacement in an emergency.

All round delivery options

SSG can provide all elements of national curriculum delivery inclusive of swimming. We will work directly with your team to develop the long term planning and will continue to liaise closely throughout each term, we welcome the opportunity to deliver alongside your teaching and support staff but are equally accustomed at working independently for periods where teaching staff are required to engage in PPA periods.

Swimming and specialist provision

Swimming is now a core element in primary curriculum and SSG are delighted to be able to support the delivery of high quality swimming lessons. With over 10 years’ experience of running swim schools SSG are perfectly placed to provide qualified specialist staff to support lessons either within your own school pool if you are fortunate enough to have access to one or to provide options around the use of private pool space at external venues.

Our staff are trained by our very own STA qualified teacher trainer staff members and we will work with schools to develop a fit for purpose swimming programme that meets the needs of schools in an inclusive and safe environment for the children.

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